Pain with Sex

Nine out of ten women have pain the first time they have sex after baby. And for many it persists for over a year. •
There can be several causes of this: •
VAGINAL DRYNESS: your estrogen levels are lower after having a baby, especially if you are breastfeeding or pumping breastmilk. This causes vaginal tissues to be dry and susceptible to tearing and bleeding. Try a water soluble lubricant (Slippery Stuff if my fave) or coconut or olive oil. •
SCAR TISSUE: vaginal tearing or episiotomy during vaginal delivery can lead to scar tissue and pain. Performing self vaginal massage or working with a pelvic health PT to perform this for you can help. •
MUSCLE SPASM: pelvic floor muscles can be tight or tense causing pain with deeper penetration. This feels tender and like something is hitting a bruise. A Pelvic Health PT can internally release these muscles and teach you how to perform on yourself at home. ALSO weak butt muscles can cause tense/overactive pelvic floor muscle, so lots to work on here. •
PROLAPSE: this feels like something’s falling out or heaviness/pressure in your vag. Your partner may be hitting your bladder or cervix during sex. Working with a pelvic health PT to strengthen your vag muscles may actually be able lift those organs back up. 🙌🏼

So although common, it’s NOT OKAY and there is help. After all we go through, we deserve pleasurable sex and no one should just deal with it (or give pity blow jobs) because there is help. We got you, gurl.