Tips for Pumping Moms

Returning to work as a nursing or pumping mom can be just a little bit stressful. Just a little bit. I walk out of the house every morning, looking like a bag lady with my work bag, lunchbag, kids schoolbag, and my breast-pump bag, only to get to work to realize I forgot my ice pack and the caps for my bottle of milk. This post goes more into the details of how I keep my supply up when working, how I schedule my pumps to replace daytime feedings, and how I eventually wean my babies when I decide to transition to more solids and breastmilk. I introduce solids (mushy foods) around 6 months. I slowly increase solid foods so my the 1 year mark the baby is on mostly solids and getting 1-3 serving of breastmilk a day, until I poop out and eventually decide to stop nursing altogether. Hope this video helps and feel free to leave your tips and tricks in the comments to help other mommas out!