Pelvic Floor Exercises Postpartum

Let’s talk about improving your pelvic floor! Pelvic floor rehab can be tricky. Sometimes the pelvic floor needs relaxing, sometime it needs strengthening and sometimes it needs both! It’s not a cut and dry solution but an individual one based on what your body is telling us.

Here is how I can help.

Let’s chat! In an online session we can talk through what pelvic floor issues you are experiencing and come up with a personalized plan that best fits your needs. You’ll learn tips and tricks to get the results you’re looking for. Nothing is off limits or too personal, I’m here to help you and I even bet I’ve heard it before! You are not alone in this.  

It might just take one quick conversation to get you on the right track or it may take a couple, but my top priority is helping you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Once we get you on the right track, I highly recommend continuing with a home exercise program. The rest of the body works with the pelvic floor to help with continued strengthening and better results.

There are lots of home exercise programs out there on the market, but based on depth of knowledge, clinic experience and research, fellow physical therapist Dr. Sarah Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT currently has the best home exercise program that I recommend starting after our online session to continue your pelvic floor rehab. I’ve done my research to help you find the best program and not waste your time.

There are many layers to getting better, but you can get better!! You deserve to have the life you want without worrying about your pelvic floor. So, let’s start today, I’m here to help!