Best Nursing and Pumping Bras

Best Nursing and Pumping Bras (and accessories)

There are so many options out there when it comes to bras. If you’re like me, finding a reliable one that doesn’t break the bank is time consuming and expensive. I like to think of bras as an investment, like a good pair of denim. The only problem is, just like finding that good pair of jeans, finding that perfect nursing and pumping bra (that also is comfortable and meets your needs) is HARD. To aid in your search, I’m listing my top personal recommendations below (plus some accessories!). 

1. Freya Molded Cup Nursing Bra

Remember that investment that I mentioned? Insert Freya. If you can spare the extra cash, Freya is totally worth it. It’s my all time favorite. I purchased mine from Nordstrom. I lived in this bra when I was nursing. Though it does have underwire (I feel like I have to wear underwire, personally because I just feel better, I look better, you know…).  I wore this one when I left the house so I looked like a decent individual. They are cute, come in lace at the top and allow clipping to nurse. This is definitely my number 1! 

2. Bravado Nursing Bra

This one is pretty popular, and bonus: it doesn’t have underwire. This worked best for me when I was in the hospital and milk was coming in. It has a lot of good stretch to it and is very comfortable. Again, perfect for when your milk is coming in because your boobs are going to get humongous (trust me!).

3. Cake Cotton Candy Racerback Nursing Bra

I love Cake nursing bras and I have some of their jammies, too, which are super cozy. These bras are perfect for nursing! They come with a racerback and are easy to slip on over your head like a sports bra. Comfort is very important to me and these definitely are comfortable. 

4. Simple Wishes Handsfree Nursing Bra

Do I need to say hands-free again? This handy little number is perfect for pumping moms, especially if you’re going back to work. It’s kind of like a bandeau. You wrap it around you, it zips in the front and then you put the pump in the front so you don’t have to hold it. This hands-free pumping bra was an absolute must for me. It’s not super expensive and it’s totally worth it. So much easier to be hands free so you can take care of other things! 

Now for my recommended accessories!

These Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads are perfect for when you have leaky boobs when nursing. Simply put them inside of your bra. The even come in cute little heart shapes! Charlie Banana Nursing Pads is another company I recommend. Lastly, don’t forget your Bra Extenders! These are great during pregnancy so you don't have to get a new bra for every trimester! Who wants to buy a new bra every trimester? This bra extender I wore during pregnancy was perfect for helping to transition each trimester.  

I hope this list is helpful and cuts down on your own research time! My goal is to save you time so you can get back to focusing on mama and baby. 

P.S. If anyone has secrets to lifting boobs up after nursing two babies that doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia, let me know! 

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