Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

One of my biggest tips during pregnancy is to be proactive. Taking care of your body (and vagina) can make it a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience and keep you active and exercising throughout. Women who are more active and exercise regularly during pregnancy have an easier labor and delivery, decreased pain during pregnancy, decreased constipation, better sleep, decreased risk of postpartum depression and healthier babies.

My favorite pregnancy support that I recommend is the MomEZ Maternity belt. I encourage women to start wearing this in their second trimester through the remainder of pregnancy. This helps support the low back and abdominals, keep the pelvis stable, decrease low back and hip pain and helps keep you more active throughout your pregnancy. Now you want to wear this throughout the day and not just AFTER you start hurting. 

Due to the increased fluid and blood flow in your body during pregnancy, you may experience vaginal swelling and/or varicose veins in your vagina. This causes and achy, heavy feeling, especially worse after a lot of standing or walking and at the end of the day. For this I recommend the V2 support. Yup, its pretty much like a jock strap for your vagina. You wear this over your underwear BUT underneath your clothing (just wanted to be clear:) and throughout the day, not just after your start feeling achy. This V2 support can also be used for pelvic organ prolapse after pregnancy as well, which may feel like something is falling out of your vagina. 

Check them out and hope this is helpful!