Best Books for Childbirth and Beyond

My must reads. No matter what type of delivery you are planning for, a little preparation goes a long way. I consider pregnancy a time of training - not just for the physical demands, but also the mental and emotional challenges that accompany it. 

The Birth Partner is for your Doula, your husband, your wife, your partner. Something to help your support person support you and integrate them your experience. 
Ina May’s books are my bibles.  The Guide to Childbirth: this helped me know what to expect and offered support and education for what an unmedicated childbirth can look like. The Guide to Breastfeeding: For my first born I prepared so much for an unmedicated delivery and I did absolutely no preparation for Breastfeeding afterwards. I read this AFTER my delivery when i was already struggling and wish I would have read it sooner. 
A Natural Hospital Birth- this book goes through the very nitty gritty of what to expect delivering in a hospital- whether you plan for an induction, and epidural OR an unmedicated delivery. I always want to know what to expect as if helps chill out my anxiety as much as possible so this book has tons info for everyone delivering in a hospital. It’s also no secret that having a baby can wreak havoc on your marriage.

How to Not Hate Your Husband after Kids: The last book is not a bash on husbands but more a funny, practical, and helpful book to get you through some hard times. 

What are the other favorite books you’ve read that helped you prepare for labor and delivery?