Preparing for Childbirth: the Deep Squat

This one... an all time favorite. I recommend pregnant women HOLD a deep squat position for one minute several times a day, especially during the last trimester. The belief is this helps lengthen the pelvic floor muscles, open up your hip joints, and stretch the vaginal opening tissues to prepare for a vaginal delivery. Gently breathe, inhale and exhale, as you squat. The hardest part of a “to do” list is actually doing it; so what better time to pop a squat than brushing your teeth morning and night.  HOWEVER, if you suffer from pubic bone pain or SPD (pubic symphysis dysfunction) during pregnancy then avoid this position. Holding a deep squat can also be helpful for pelvic pain, tailbone pain, constipation, or tense/overactive pelvic floor muscles. 
Alright ladies, drop it like it’s hot.