Terms & Conditions



Reservations for appointments can be made on the Services Page of the Website. It is recommended to schedule two to four appointments spaced two weeks apart in order to maintain accountability and track progress.


I understand life happens and we are not always able to make fulfill the commitments we intend. I do ask for 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. One "grace cancellation" with less than 24 hours notice will be accepted bc sometimes you just have a shitty day an don't feel like talking about your vagina at the end of it. I get it. If more than one appointments is cancelled less than 24 hours then the full amount of the appointment will be charged.


An invoice will be sent via email following the session. The amount of payment due will be equivalent to the amount of time spent on the call. Please submit payment within 3 days of receiving invoice. 

Video Call:

The Video call will be made using a HIPPA complaint network.  Directiosn to log into teh call will be emailed prior to the appointment.  If you are not on the call after 5 minutes I will assume you will not make the call and the sessions will be cancelled or marked a No Show. . 


All services provided by The Vagina Whisperer /Sara Reardon LLC during Virtual Vagina Consultations are as a health and wellness consultation. I understand that the information and education provided under this service does not replace seeing a physician or physical therapist for an in person examination and/or treatment. By participating in session I hereby voluntarily and knowingly agree to assume all risks associated with my participation in Virtual Vagina Consultations, and I agree to hold harmless, waive, release, and indemnify The Vagina Whisperer /Sara Reardon LLC from any and all liability and claims connected with my receipt of services offered by The Vagina Whisperer /Sara Reardon LLC. A consent form will be emailed to you and must be signed prior to our session.